Slipping stars…

I read it somewhere People who die, become a star Twinkling and dancing, High up in the sky They smile upon us, As if saving us from our own cuss And on those restless gloomy nights When your heart is pumping fine, But your beats are high on a roll Looking at these little twinkling […]

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Cavity. . .

Ever felt the ache of the pain you never had? Or the heart wrenching nostalgia hitting you hard of the times you only dreamt of?

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I wrote this story 2 years back. And now that I’ve chosen to be active on social media, I couldn’t resist sharing this very creation. (Although, I give credit to my little sister for this, Priyanshi.) Here it goes…. It was a cold winter morning. Swati was sitting by her window, with her favourite cup […]

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There are times when the best way to explain is not to explain at all. Just show and that will be all. P.s. Sylph is my Pen Name. Recently adopted.

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I’ve always been a lover of rhythm. Be it in cramming maths tables or breaking my bones on the track. Rhythm keeps me going. And one such rhythm I experience each time I hum His name. My calm lies in Him, peacefully and safe. I don’t know if I’m theist or atheist, but I know […]

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Hi guys! Here I am again, to share. Honestly, I have no idea what this blog post is going to be about. About what I’m feeling? Nah! Why? Well, because right now my mind is like soupy noodles,  messy. Noodles se yaad aya, it’s pouring outside and how much I loved to binge on my once favorite Maggi! […]

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Peanut Butter

Chunky, creamy, sweet yet salty and available in different flavors. No no, this is not another advertisement for this world favorite spread. It’s how I see life now. It’s how life actually is.Not everybody likes it, but it is there and rules the market. Not everybody wants to taste it , but they still get […]

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