sear in the heat of your dreams…

Hi guys! Here I am again, to share.

Honestly, I have no idea what this blog post is going to be about. About what I’m feeling? Nah! Why? Well, because right now my mind is like soupy noodles,  messy. Noodles se yaad aya, it’s pouring outside and how much I loved to binge on my once favorite Maggi! Usually people like to sip on adrak wali piping chai (ginger tea)and some mix pakode, but my favorite rain food – Maggi!

On the first downpour, I used to rush to the nearby shop and get myself a packet of this magical snack (as mom never kept even a single packet of it, God!).

Sometimes I think how important it is to have memories. Good ones, bad ones, neutrals! Otherwise, what would we remember sitting by the window side, watching little drops sliding by the glass?

First fight with our best friend? Or first time making mom sad due to a heated argument? And by the time we felt guilt; we would rush to the kitchen and make some tea for her, as a peace offering!

And what about the time we first copied dad’s sign on report card? I don’t know about you guys, but my math’s answer sheet made me a master in it! I can still draw a big cheque anytime 😉 What about the first kiss? Filled with shivers and goose bumps and awkwardness reaching heights! Maybe some of us haven’t had one yet. Then our savior, Emraan Hashmi’s ( Bollywood actor) first movie? Ahem.

So it is quite important to have those funny, naughty and even bad memories that will make us nostalgic when we are busy in molding ourselves into money minting machines. That will be the time this album will spill some color on the black and white canvas of our 9 to 5 lifeless life. After all, we need something to cheer our inner child.


So make time to make memories that you’ll cherish or maybe even regret all your life… regrets are lessons too… na?

Would love to have your views! 

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