My inception…


Hi everyone!

I’m Monica and this is my first time in the world of blogging. Pretty excited I am for this! I’m a writer by heart and a struggler (if that’s even a word) by profession, (haha).

I love to write and write and write. Sometimes it’s so vague and silly that I read my stuff and and sometimes it’s so nice that I feel like kissing myself!

Everyone has a source of inspiration or a source of energy. Like for some it’s that chilled mug of frothy beer and for some it’s kulhad wali chai! Well, for me, it’s this person. I won’t disclose the identity of this fella but my writings are just so incomplete without reminiscing this one. So it’s quite obvious and also imperative by my nerves to devote a part of my first ever blog to this beautiful bundle of inspiration. And that’s about it.

So, for the first time blogging, I have almost zero, well not almost but absolute zero idea of the same. I think it’s good to get acquainted first. So I may share about what are my likes, apart from jotting down my thoughts. Ok so, I’m quite a girly girl type of girl. Ahem. Little over the board, na?

So I love red color. I love romantic novels, books, movies. I love Shahrukh Khan. I love the idea of cuddling any day over partying all night. But I think I’m more of a contrast. I can’t wear red without some hint of black in my attire. I can’t resist from watching any horror flick I may come across too, even if the coming night I have to wake up my sister to accompany me to the toilet!

We all are a contrast. A fusion of feelings. Of interests. Of choices. And that’s what makes us, each one of us, an individual. And for all those who are trying to fit in, Don’t! Be the grey in this black ‘n’ white world!

On that note I would like to conclude now in the hope of presenting another bunch of words for you guys to read on.






16 thoughts on “My inception…

  1. Niceee….
    Well u move on and i ll add to ur blog ur nickname…kept by me..
    Am sure u dont want to be disclosed it right now…..sooo..yeah…
    Carry on girl….

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  2. Wonderful word Lil sis
    Loved it
    This is you at your best – srk, novels, the color red maniac at times, adorable
    Absolutely loved it, carry on inspire us bhen

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  3. you seem like a really lovely and adorable, lady! this was cute! i hope you’re well, beautiful! also i was wondering, if we could talk somewhere? 🙂


      1. hello! well, actually just wanted to write you a few lines. so, i’ll just send it here!
        oh how beautiful, do you seem to be monica? as i’d look into your eyes so hazel, only to fall in love with the way they’d look at me smiling! oh look into my eyes tonight, only to never look back, so i could witness your dreamy eyes twinkling tonight, for oh my love, you’re beautiful, like no other! i saw you smiling, only to imagine you wearing a dress so red, as you’d adorn the sky, that i named after you, for oh monica, you’re the sunset, people gaze at, only to fall in love with it, for oh my love, you’re beautiful, just the way you’re!

        take care!

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  4. Srijan,
    I’m highly moved by your serene selection of words. There’s this rhythm in your words which is really engaging.
    Thanks a ton for such admiration.

    Although I don’t know the reason of this beautiful gesture, but certainly the phrase , “Beauty is in the eyes of beholder.” , fits you perfectly.

    Thanks again. 🙂


    1. hello, beautiful! it’s late, you should be sleeping now, beautiful! for this night calls your name, only to make the stars serenade in twinkles for you, so you could sleep, my love.

      and i write because i feel, love! and you felt really beautiful! so, well i had to! who wouldn’t?

      and my eyes have you tonight, monica. you’re a beauty!

      if you can’t sleep, let me know! i’ll write for you, again.

      take care!


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