Peanut Butter

Chunky, creamy, sweet yet salty and available in different flavors. No no, this is not another advertisement for this world favorite spread. It’s how I see life now. It’s how life actually is.Not everybody likes it, but it is there and rules the market. Not everybody wants to taste it , but they still get a hint of it.

Related imageLike me. I personally don’t like this thing. In fact, I’m not a big fan of peanuts in the first place. So its another version just creeps the hell out of me. But we still compromise, right? Not because we have to, but maybe because at that time, it’s important. But the sad part is, people name it as a compromise even when it’s done out of care or love.

I recently made two batches of PB. Of course not for me. Put a whole lot of effort in skinning those tiny, irritating nuts. Well, I couldn’t find the skinned ones, so. Researched a lot on how to skin peanuts quickly. warmed ’em up; rolled in towel; rocked in the jar but there were some that just refused to ease my trouble. So finally, I had to take these tiny things one by one and skin.

It took me good 1 hour to finally get it all ready. And by the time I was done, my thumb and my index finger, both ballooned twice the size! All red and puffed. But as I was looking forward to the larger picture, it didn’t trouble me that much.

So I grind and grind and grind. Add salt. Add some honey. Throw in some flavor, chocolate, almonds, what not. And by the time both batches were ready, I ran to my room to show my sister of this little achievement, to which she had zero interests in. So I went on to share this with the one I made it for. I love mason jars. I think it just gives the idea of gifting all the more warmth and that extra touch of being special.

So I put it in those glass jars shaped in cute snout with silvery lids, wrapped ’em up in bright red ribbons and sent. But just like my second chocolate flavored batch, my expectations didn’t go that well.

To please people. Maybe, not please, but to see that beautiful curve sketching on their face, because of me.  And then I realized, maybe, I’m trying too hard.

And now I understand, not everyone has the same taste like yours. No matter how hard you may try to adapt to the choices of the ones you care for, you’ll still be on the losing side. Why? Because you’re not giving importance to your choices. And that’s why your beautiful curve is lost and the whole idea of being happy and making your loved ones happy goes hazy…

Maybe your butter is hazel one and you are just trying to gulp the peanut one so as to get the so-called certification…. na?



7 thoughts on “Peanut Butter

  1. Look I don’t have much of a liking for peanuts, but what you just described seems tempting. So I’m waiting for my share until we meet.
    Well presented. All the best Mona!☺😘😘


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