I’ve always been a lover of rhythm. Be it in cramming maths tables or breaking my bones on the track. Rhythm keeps me going. And one such rhythm I experience each time I hum His name. My calm lies in Him, peacefully and safe. I don’t know if I’m theist or atheist, but I know my calm is real, and so is this relation.

And all those nights

When getting through was my only plight

The calm in your eyes

Helped shush my cries

Whenever I tried to hide my scars

Your smile made them twinkle like stars

Rare do I put my faith at stake

Little I knew, with you it won’t turn fake

For me, my love is you

My devotion, my strength

My power is you

For all those times when I was dragged down

And I had every reason to doubt my crown

Something around made me get up

Without knowing it’ was all your set up

Lord or friend, I fail to differ

There’s a grey that seems to wither

Your hypnotic half-way lids

I’m sure will make me win all the bids

But tell me if you’re that tap on my shoulder

Or the warmth from that smolder

That’s still burning in this cavity of my cage?

Shiva, The Destroyer

Destroy this rage to save my heart from turning into a foyer

In which steps are coming in and go

But no more are there any footprints to show…

Awaiting your comments.



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