Slipping stars…

I read it somewhere

People who die, become a star

Twinkling and dancing, High up in the sky

They smile upon us, As if saving us from our own cuss

And on those restless gloomy nights

When your heart is pumping fine, But your beats are high on a roll

Looking at these little twinkling lights

Helps you shush the orchestra thumping the saddest tone against your chest

And suddenly you thank all those souls scintillating up in the sky

But what happens if your cuss finally prepares to leave your sight





And now you’re worried whether your sky would be same anymore

Would you still wait for the haze to clear by so that your stars could …shine bright?





One thought on “Slipping stars…

  1. i loved this! and yes, i would, for oh as and when you would smile, oh these clouds will sing away to places still unknown, only to make me gaze at you, for oh you’d adorn the sky, only to make everyone fall in love with you, yet again!


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